it's me

Hey there stranger! 👋

I'm Hasnain - a full stack software engineer from London and I'm on the Risk Engineering Team at TransferWise.

We are an integrated team of engineers, analysts and Ops helping our customers by managing FX & credit risk on their behalf.

TransferWise is a market maker - our customers are active on thousands of FX pairs & hold over a billion pounds worth of deposits with us in dozens of currencies. They receive, hold & spend with us 24/7 & these activities generate significant exposures that can't be managed manually.

We work on:
  • Exposure Management & Auto-hedging
  • Safeguarding, Investments & Cash Management
  • Provide market data to the company & our partners

Looking to hire a pair of quantitatively minded experienced developers for our team - please reach out to me personally on LinkedIn & I'll make sure to expedite the process. No finance experience necessary.